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Persol Sunglasses The Best Gift Idea for Men

28 October 2018

European Optical is known to always have a large stock of Persol sunglasses to satisfy our fashionable men customers. After being on the market close to 100 years, Persol is still unique eyewear by design and a great gift idea for your beloved man.

A famous silver bullet, and the Meflecto patent, a system studied to make the stems flexible and offer maximum comfort are still present only on Persol eyeglasses.
Persol sunglasses were orignally made for pilots and car racers who required very comfortable and durable eyeglasses. Handcrafted in Turin, Italy, Persol eyeglasses quickly became a must have eyewear and a fashion accessory by Italian men.

Today, there isn't probably a male celebrity who hasn't been photographed in Persol eyeglasses. Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford in just past few months.

Persol sunglasses will make an excellent brand name gift for your father, husband and even a teenage son.

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