Exclusive Products

European Optical is always working to satisfy our most fashionable customers.

Apart of over 50 world most popular brands, European Optical also sells exclusive European, American and Australian brands that can be found only in European Optical stores in GTA area.

L.G.R is an Italian brand of eyeglasses that as of last year became one of our customer favorites. L.G.R eyeglasses are a state of pefection with some models having over 13 colors! 

DOLPI eyeglasses are made out of natural wood. Wood is a hypoallergenic, germ-resistant, lightweight material and is excellent for eyeglasses. DOLPI wood glasses are reinforced with lamination and with proper care will last you a life time.

A.M. Eyewear is a new line of glasses added to our store in 2016. A.M. Eyewear is a niche Australian brand with ethnic elements of classic style and strong commitment to quality.

DITA Eyewear is an exclusive line of hand made eyeglasses from hand crafted organicaly manufactured materials. Each pair of DITA eyewear is made with special attention to human facial features for maximum comfort and stylish look.