DITA Eyewear - Luxury Meets Quality

6 October 2020

DITA EyewearDITA Eyewear has been selling at European Optical in Woodbridge for several years. This is one of the most exclusive brands at European Optical for customer who appreciate quality and craftsmanship of what can be truly called eyewear. DITA glasses and sunglasses are hand crafted at various world factories. Each frame may take up to 8 months to complete over various production steps. As a result you will be holding a hand crafted masterpiece that you will feel as soon as you take it in your hands or put on your face.

Over the years DITA eyeglasses became a beloved brand by many celebrities, models and fashion bloggers. The uniqueness of each design is also brought to quality perfection by artisan craftsmen that work on each frame with the same attention as they would on a Japanese sword. 

DITA glasses are also made in environmentally friendly way. Instead of using chemicals and factory machinery, DITA makers use maximum of hand work and hand tools to frame and polish each product. While you think it does not matter in the end, once you take DITA frames and compare them to another frames made in modern way, you will instantly feel different ergonomic balance and polished surface to your touch.

Visit European Optical to experience DITA Eyewear and join the club of thousands of fashion lovers and eyewear fans.