• DITA Eyewear - Luxury Meets Quality

    6 Oct 2020
    DITA EyewearDITA Eyewear has been selling at European Optical in Woodbridge for several years. This is one of the most exclusive brands at European Optical for customer who appreciate quality and craftsmanship of what can be truly called eyewear. DITA glasses and sunglasses are hand crafted at various world factories. Each frame may take up to 8 months to complete over various production steps. As a result you will be holding a hand crafted masterpiece that you will feel as soon as you take it in your hands or put on your face.
  • Persol Sunglasses The Best Gift Idea for Men

    28 Oct 2018
    European Optical is known to always have a large stock of Persol sunglasses to satisfy our fashionable men customers. After being on the market close to 100 years, Persol is still unique eyewear by design and a great gift idea for your beloved man.
  • European Optical First in Woodbridge To Carry L.G.R Eyewear

    18 Aug 2015
    European Optical strives to be open minded and offer our customers best choice of designr eyewear. We are pleaseed to announce the new line at our store L.G.R Eyewear.
  • Find Your Style in CELINE Sunglasses

    27 Aug 2015
    CELINE Sunglasses is a new entrant into the eyewear industry. CELINE brand dates back to 1945, but the sunglasses collection has been relaunched last year. The idea of the brand is luxury through silhuette, desirable brand and high quality.