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About Us

European Optical, owner Jack Levy's family business, has been serving the Woodbridge community for over twenty-five years, with a passionate and close-knit team of professionals. We bring to Woodbridge a meticulous, curating eye for frames and fashion, and more importantly, a true love for customer service. We are proud to fit you with the highest-quality eyewear technology available, whether you are looking for lenses for everyday wear, or a piece for occasional use, like for driving or reading. We're equally equipped to fit your look and style with both a classic and top-notch trendy piece straight from the cutting-edge of the fashion industry. We're especially glad to respond to inquiries about frames to fit high-prescription lenses.

Jack Levy, Licensed Optician (Ontario College of Opticians, Registration number 1404)
Anna Cellucci, Licensed Optician (Ontario College of Opticians) and Certified Contact Lens Fitter
Dr. William Poncho, Optometrist
Anna, Frame Consultant
Josie, Frame Consultant
Tom, Technician